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Off Off Broadway  
Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes…Love Boring (Woman 2)
Tom Amici
Guys and Dolls Fergie  
Vincent Cardinal
Five Women
Wearing The Same Dress
Bruce Miller
Doubt  Mrs. Muller
Lowell Williams
A Midsummers Night’s Dream Cobweb
Vincent Cardinal
The Music Man Alma Hix
Vincent Cardinal
The Exonerated   Georgia Hayes
Lowell Williams
Sister Mary Ignatius
Explains it All for You

Diane Symonds

Rommel Tolentino

Television & Film

30 ROCK Restaurant Patron
NBC Universal Studios
Canterbury Prod., FX


B.A. in Theatre/University of Miami
On-Camera Commercial Class
Barry Shapiro
“I Hate Monologues”         
Brian O’Neil
Commercial Improv Intensive
Barry Shapiro
On-Camera Commercial Class
Tisha Ioli
Movement/Stage Combat
Lee Soroko, UM
Auditioning for the Actor
Maha McCain, UM
Intermediate Acting II
Lowell Williams, UM
Intermediate Acting I
Jennifer Vellenga, UM

Special Skills

Dance (Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Tap-advanced beginner), Cheerleading, (5 Years) Whistler, Dialects (Southern, Urban, British), Burping on Command, Crossing Eyes, Drivers License, Singer, Valid Passport, Wiggle Ears, Pole Dancing (beginner), Spinning, Flare Nostrils, Bowling, Vocal Range: Alto, Host, Dog owner (short hair Dachshund)